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His wife approached and married him because her family thought he was part of the city’s most famous and wealthy family but when his wife and her family found out that Andrew was a bastard child, they mocked and looked down on him. Due to him being poor, everything he knew and loved disappeared. Beaten to death, Andrew was left with no breath until he was struck by a mysterious force of lightning granting him a system. [Congratulations Andrew Raine. You have been selected as a host for the TRILLIONAIRE SYSTEM] A ding and a notification bar was all Andrew needed to change his life. With the force of the power granted by this system, He would trample on everyone who has ever mocked him, rising to the top with great speed.

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It was exactly thirty minutes after nine when Andrew finished his last delivery.He counted the money in his hands before revealing a smile."Finally. I have been able to save seven months of this job's salary. I can get Karen a beautiful necklace and take her to that new pizza place for her birthday."Andrew had a struggling marriage, and he was trying his best to keep it together.His wife had once been madly in love with him, but she had grown cold over the years, so he thought he would excite her with a bit of surprise. Andrew arrived at the gates of the Winter's mansion. "Hey, get out of here! We don't allow beggars in here." A man dressed in uniform came out of the gate station and yelled at Andrew."Uhm. Ben, it's me." Andrew awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he clutched the wrapped present in his other hand."Oh. Master Andrew. Welcome." Ben smiled softly at Andrew and opened the gates."Thank you, Ben," Andrew returned the smile. Ben was the only one who respected h
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Andrew couldn’t believe his ears. “I can’t do that, Doctor. Three million dollars in three days is impossible. There has to be another option.”The doctor inspected Andrew. From how the man looked, he knew he wouldn’t be able to pay the money.However, three million dollars was what they needed to go through with the standard procedures, and he had not even gone to the compensation of the surgeons.Three million dollars was just the tip of the iceberg. “I’m sorry, Mr. Raine. If you can’t get that amount, I’d have to prepare a spot for your mother in the cemetery. You can leave.”Andrew picked himself up from the seat, and his shoulders fell. His eyes were blank as he pondered on his next step.“I should say my last goodbye,” Andrew said sadly.The hospital had placed his mother on life support with different wires connected to her body system.Machines beeped around her as they tried their best to keep her alive.Andrew clenched his fist as he watched her. He had used his money to g
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Andrew looked at the quest and saw that he had to spend a billion dollars in a day. It was more than he could ever imagine. He rushed to the hospital and immediately went to see the doctor. “Excuse me, sir, where would I pay the money?” Andrew asked the doctor. “You have the money?” The doctor asked in surprise; he didn’t think the young man could accomplish such a feat. “Yes,” Andrew said one word, and the doctor called in a nurse to direct the young man to the accounting office. The moment Andrew walked out of the office, the doctor picked up his phone and made a call. “Hello, Mr. Winter. He has made the payment.”James shot up from his bed when he heard the doctor’s report.Andrew paid his mother’s fee? He had ensured it wouldn’t be possible, so what went wrong? “Do not do the surgery. Think of some excuse.” James said and disconnected the call. The doctor looked at his phone. He couldn’t think of an excuse because it could ruin his professional history if anyone found out
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'He's lying to me, but why?' Andrew thought in his mind as he looked at the doctor.Andrew held back his emotions, and he stepped out of the doctor's office without saying a word.Andrew walked into the room where the hospital had kept his mother, and he sat by her side.There was nothing he could do if the doctor refused to treat his mother. He could only wait until the surgeon was free. Then a thought came to him.If the system could instantly give him a sum of one billion dollars, then, maybe it could help with his mother's surgery."System, I need a surgeon for my mother's surgery," Andrew said with hope in his eyes.[Searching for top surgeons.][Surgeons located.][What do you need a surgeon to do?]Andrew's eyes widened in delight at hearing the reply of the monotone voice.The system was the answer to his problems."My mom needs a heart and kidney transplant." Andrew said in an instant.He would show that doctor that he wasn't to be messed with.[Narrowing search to surgeons
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Karen couldn't believe what her manager had relayed to her.How could the Comsor Terrain cancel her contract?"Mom!" Karen screamed out.Carmela rushed down the stairs when she heard her daughter's voice."What's the problem, Karen?"Karen stood up from the dining room and arranged her clothes. She had to find out what was going on in that company."Mom, the cosmetics company canceled my contract,"Karen said in a rush while she moved to the door."What?" Carmela was surprised. Her daughter's spa had brought in a lot of customers for the company, including drawing in a massive amount of wealth. It was unreasonable for the company to terminate the contract. "I don't know either, Mother. Tell James to meet me at the company. We have a lot of work on our hands." Karen said as she stepped out of the house.She rushed into her Rolls-Royce and stepped on her accelerator.As Karen rushed to the Comsor Terrain company, she didn't know that this was only the beginning of her problems.Andre
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Andrew stared at the system panel before him in excitement.It was time to get his rewards.[Host has taken down one of his money.][Achievement unlocked.][Achievement: Mass spender.][Mass spender: A billion dollars spent in a day.][Reward: A hundred million dollars.]Andrew heard a ding from the phone in his pocket."This is real!" He said in a loud voice.His bank had sent another alert to him.Before he could celebrate, another panel appeared in front of him. [Achievement unlocked.][Achievement: Golden Speedster.][Golden Speedster: Host used less than twenty-four hours for a daily goal.][Reward: A hundred million dollars.]A notification sound from his phone echoed through the office, and Andrew didn't know whether to laugh or cry. [Achievement unlocked.][Achievement: Fast Achiever.][Fast Achiever: Earned more than one achievement in a day.][Reward: Three hundred million dollars.]"This is too much."Andrew laughed out loud. He never imagined he would have so much in one
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Inside the mansion of the Winters was a heavy silence which enveloped the hearts of everyone in the wide parlor room as they faced the flat-screened television. "I can't believe this." Karen said with a fallen look on her face depicting the sadness she felt from within.Her mother, Carmela, was sitting with her, and her brother stood at the other end of the room. He had a mug of coffee in his hand, with a frown across his face, and his eyes on the television. They had turned to a news station because Carmela had heard gossip from the women at her elderly gathering about a new spa that would be opened soon."Owner of the top earning company in the city, Comsor Terrain, Mr. A, has decided to increase the discount of the new spa at the Cunningham Hotel to a staggering ninety percent for the first five hundred." The newscaster said with a shocked look on her face, followed by a smile of interest.She couldn't believe that such an offer could actually exist."I can't compete with this."
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"I'm still scared." Karen whispered, her heart was beating frantically. James turned towards her and flashed her a small smile, doing everything to take away her fears. "You don't have to be. I heavily doubt it's him. It will never be him." The silence was so deafening that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone watched with bated breath as the figure approached the doorway. Nobody had the faintest idea who it was gonna be. Karen had her heart in her hand despite the fact that James was doing everything to calm her down and ask her not to worry. She felt a foreboding that something was very wrong, and she was rarely wrong when she felt like that. Now it was happening again, in a time she wished it wouldn't. That's when the figure came into view, revealing Andrew. He was dressed in a tuxedo, and glasses. He exuded an air of confidence that commanded the focus of everyone who was present. He was given a standing ovation as he held out his hands for the two beautiful women. They interl
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The ball party was gradually drawing to a close but for him, the night was just the beginning. He had a lot of things that he needed to take care of. With Karen gone and disgraced, the rest of the evening was mainly filled with murmurs about what had happened. News stations all over the city were already displaying the events that had taken place tonight. It no longer hurt him that he had done that to her, because he knew she deserved every bit of it. Not long after, the guests began to disperse and the events of the evening gradually faded into the background. Andrew retired at his mansion that night, but he spent most of it awake as he thought about his plans for the future, which was to start the next day. He had already instructed some of his men about the unveiling which was to take place the next day and preparations were already in progress. He slept with a smile that night. The next morning, he didn't waste any time before announcing the opening of his new spa. He had invite
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The urgency in her voice was very high as she relayed the details to him. "There is a meeting that you must absolutely attend. You've been reached out to and I highly suggest you attend." Andrew didn't like the urgency and seriousness in her voice. He didn't want her acting all serious and changing the perspective he had wanted to face the day with. He glanced up from his desk and looked at the clock, wondering if it was one of those impromptu meetings. But it was late now, and there was no way he was leaving his apartment for any meeting. "What kind of meeting?"She sighed before replying. "It's the Assembly of CEOs. They have extended an invitation to you to join as one of the top rising CEOs. Your fame hasn't gone unnoticed. And from the way this information was stated, I think they want you urgently. A date has been set already. Their next meeting will be coming up in a few days. An exclusive card that will get you access to the venue has also been sent and will be handed over
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