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In the heart of Starcrest City, where power reigns supreme and darkness lurks in the shadows, a lone figure returns from the depths of the unknown. Sullivan, a mysterious and enigmatic figure with a past shrouded in tragedy, emerges as a beacon of hope in a city consumed by corruption. Once a forgotten son, Sullivan's return sends shockwaves through the city's elite, especially the infamous five great families who rule with an iron fist. But Sullivan's arrival isn't just a mere homecoming; it's the beginning of a relentless crusade for justice. With his steadfast resolve, Sullivan sets out to confront the tyranny of the five great families, starting with a daring rescue of Erica, the woman who saved him in his darkest hour. As their bond deepens amidst chaos, Sullivan unveils his true identity as the Dragon General, striking fear into the hearts of those who once believed themselves untouchable. But as alliances shift and betrayal lurks in every corner, Sullivan and Erica find themselves embroiled in a web of deceit and treachery. Unraveling the sinister secrets of the five great families, they uncover a web of corruption that stretches far beyond Starcrest City, threatening to tear apart everything they hold dear. Amidst the turmoil, Sullivan and Erica's love is tested like never before, as they face assassins, political intrigue, and personal loss. As the dust settles and a new order begins to emerge, Sullivan and Erica's journey is far from over. With the birth of their twin boys, they prepare to face a new generation of challenges, knowing that their legacy will endure long after their time. In "Rise of the Great Sullivan," courage, sacrifice, and the power of love collide in an epic tale of redemption and revolution. Are you ready to join the fight?

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  • Priceless Praise


    this is great

    2024-04-26 22:25:48
  • Nwosa Praise


    This is a very interesting book ... I can't wait to see how this story unfolds.

    2024-04-19 21:51:54
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48 chapters
Chapter one
Sullivan Douglas came down from the military helicopter and sighed. The memories of the past flood his mind. He remembered everything clearly and rubbed his eyes as if to stop the memories from coming back. He wanted to forget everything except for one. He remembered her face, and he smiled. "Good morning, sir." An officer greeted him. "Your car is ready, sir." The officer said, Sullivan nodded his head and walked majestically to the car. The chauffeur, who is also a military officer, saluted him and opened the door. He entered the car and said this to his assistant. "I thought I told you I wanted to come into the country quietly." "Yes sir". His assistant replied. "Then why am I seeing the military convoy at my front and back?". He asked him. "We are just trying to observe protocols, sir." His assistant answered. "Disperse them immediately and come sit with me; you are yet to give me a report on the mission I gave to you." Sullivan ordered his assistant, whose name was John Ba
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Chapter two
"LET HER GO AT ONCE!!!" Sullivan commanded. Jason was shocked. Who in the world had the audacity to disrupt his party? He was well respected and feared by everyone in the country because of his family's prestige, so it came as a rude shock to him to see someone disrespecting him. "And who the hell are you?" Jason asked, sneering. "You don't need to know, but it will be in your best interest to do as I say." Sullivan replied, trying to control his anger. "Oh everyone...!" Jason shouted, looking at the people around him. "It's like this young man here doesn't know his place and wishes to die!" He threatened. The people, knowing who Jason was and how bad-tempered he can be when angry, began to murmur and beg Sullivan to apologise to him and leave the party. Sullivan, being calm as always, walked majestically to where Erica was sitting and attempted to carry her when Jason yelled. "How dare you!" "Nobody, absolutely nobody, dares to disobey the command of Jason Jabs!" "Guards! Co
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Chapter three
Three days have gone by since the confrontation with Jason, and still there were no unwanted visitors or sudden accidents. Erica did not know if she should be happy or scared because Jason was not a man who stays quiet when insulted. She was happy because today is the day that the bandages will be removed, and she will know If she was really healed as her saviour, whose name she now knows to be Sullivan, had told her, After waiting with bated breath, she could not stand the suspense any longer, so she went to look for Sullivan. She met him in the sitting room, discussing with some people, so she went back to her room. She knew he was someone important because of the calibre of people who came to visit him and the respect they accorded him; no wonder he could stand against Jason Jabs! She thought. But the way he saved her and treated her made her believe he knew her, but the question was, 'Where?'. Sullivan noticed her when she entered the sitting room, but she quickly retreated u
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Chapter four
Sullivan looked at all of them and repeated more calmly."I will solve the problem tomorrow.""And how do you intend to do that?" Bella asked."Just watch and see." He said firmly."Do you think this family is a joke that you believe you can mock us?" Bella asked."You had better provide the solution for your own good!"The other members of the family all looked at him in a mocking way because they did not believe that he could solve the issue.Just then, the door opened with a bang and a man hastily ran in. From the look on his face, it shows he had some important news to deliver.He stopped in front of the people and gasped for breath."What is wrong with you Dew?" Erica's mother asked."Are you being chased?" She asked again."Dra..gon.. General..""Will you open your mouth and speak like a human being!" Bella shouted at him.He composed himself immediately and spoke."Dragon General is around!" He announced."What?" They all shouted."When?" Bella asked."Few days ago, but that's
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chapter five
Erica became angry. She could not stand the insults anymore. She decided to leave with her husband."Sullivan let's go." Erica said to Sullivan.They were about leaving when Bella stopped them."Where do you think you are going?" Bella asked."Home of course." She replied."And who gave you the permission to do so?" Vivian asked her."I'm tired of your insults and disrespect towards my husband and I, I can't take it anymore!" "Shut up!" Vivian shouted at her. "You will stay here until we tell you to leave!""You can't tell me what to do, I am already married" Erica said."Married to who? Who told you that the family has approved this marriage of yours?" Bella said.As the confrontation between Erica and her cousins continued, Vivian's husband said he had something important to say."Well, I have a little brother that is not yet married, and if you guys will allow Erica to end her marriage to this man here and marry my younger brother, then I will get the invitation for all of you." H
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chapter six
The atmosphere in the house became calm but filled with tension. Erica and her family became surprised and curious to know who Sullivan truly is. The sudden change in things made them wonder and trying to search their mind and memories for who Sullivan truly is but their mind could not bring out anything. Bella, who has never believed that Sullivan was worth anything, was the first person to break the silence by speaking out."I don't believe you Sullivan, you must have gotten the invitations from someone, you must have planned this with someone just to embarrass our family name or even worse, you must have stolen it!" She said in disbelief. The already charged atmosphere in the room increased as Erica's family members began to believe what Bella said. They were ready to believe what was a lie instead of the truth that was staring right at them.It was obvious and a common Knowledge that many people have no idea who the dragon General was or have seen him, only a few elite people
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chapter seven
At first, they were all confused and thought that maybe Sullivan was like a body guard who had entered first to show the Dragon General the way but to their surprise, they saw Sullivan holding the microphone. "Hello everyone and good evening to you all, my name is Sullivan Douglas and I am the face behind the name, Dragon General!" Sullivan announced and everyone cheered except for Erica and her family members who gasped in shock. Erica was stunned. She had deduced that Sullivan would be someone of high importance but she never thought that he would be the dreaded Dragon General. She knew a lot of people were always coming to the house where Sullivan stayed with her and whenever they came, she always tried to avoid them and always gave Sullivan privacy but she never in her wildest dream imagined that Sullivan would be someone of such great importance. "I never planned on letting people know that I am the Dragon General, but due to some certain unforeseen reasons, I have decided to
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chapter eight
Sullivan had noticed how Erica's family members were surrounding her. He knew that they were very selfish people and that they would do begin to get close to Erica because they now knew his true identity but he smiled in his mind because he knew who they really were and their true motive and their main intentions towards Erica which is to use her to get to him to make him use his position as the Dragon General to lift them to a greater height in the society and he was going to make sure that he does the opposite and deal with them.He saw how Erica was becoming uncomfortable with the way her family members were swarming around her like bees and buzzing their nonsense and fake love into her ears and so he decided to rescue her."Now, I want to introduce you all to my wife, I call her my life saver and she is no other person than Erica Daniels!" Sullivan announced, shocking everyone. The reporters from various news stations began to gather around Erica who was overwhelmed by the sudden
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chapter nine
Erica was stunned by what Sullivan said to her. She searched her memories over and over again but she could not remember anywhere or anytime at all when she had met Sullivan not to talk of helping him by giving him bread and butter. "Sullivan, sorry Dragon General, I have searched my memories over and over again and I still cannot remember ever meeting you not to talk of helping you by giving you bread and water." Erica said to Sullivan. Sullivan noticed her confusion and smiled. "First of all, I am Sullivan to you, please, let us not be formal with each other." Sullivan said to Erica who nodded her head shyly in embarrassment. "Then to answer your questions, I need you to try to remember and recall a particular day five years ago." Sullivan said and paused as he said that to get Erica's full attention. "That day, you were in a car and the traffic was much that day, you saw a young boy who was almost on the verge of dying lying by the roadside, you had compassion on him and you
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chapter 10
"We meet again," Sullivan said, smiling wickedly at him.Jason's eyes flickered in fright as he tried to avoid Sullivan's gaze. "What? A cat got your tongue?" Sullivan raised a brow."Dragon general ,what do I owe this pleasure to?" Jason forced a smile and gave a slight bow."Spare me your formality Jason, the last time we met you weren't so polite," Sullivan smirked."Forgive me, dragon general, it was my mistake for not recognizing you," Jason said quickly."Wow, I never knew you were so polite, what happened to the man who wanted to kill me?" Sullivan raised a brow at Jason, smiling at him with amusement.Jason didn't even dare look Sullivan in the eye. The only reason why he is polite is because his parents had warned him not to cause trouble at the party or else they would disown him."That must be some other person, I can't dare harm the dragon general," Jason said with his gaze on the ground."There's no need to pretend, I can feel the disdain and hostility coming from you,"
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