The Enforcer's Sister

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The Enforcer's Sister

By: Désirée Nephus OngoingOther

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Archer, the unapologetically bad son of a crime boss, meets Adele, an innocent girl who he falls in love with. After a drunken mistake, Archer breaks Adele's heart, and she leaves town. Years later, they meet again when Archer offers her a job in his biochemistry company. However, their past is still present as Archer's stepmother and stepsister fight over him, and things escalate when Archer's stepmother is found dead and Adele was arrested for drug-related charges. As tensions rise, Archer must navigate his family's criminal ties and his complicated past with Adele. Will she forgive his blood ties to a criminal empire, his part in her brother's death, and his whoring past which involved his step-sister and step-mother? Find out in this thrilling and steamy saga!


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  • Halah Mosa


    nice story,great writing,when are new chapters published?

    2023-09-17 12:32:49
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84 chapters
Chapter One: Adele - A Terrifying Welcome
As I stood before the grand entrance of the Donovan mansion, my heart pounded with a mix of nervousness and excitement. The imposing mansion loomed before me, exuding elegance and opulence through its architecture. Tall pillars flanked the entrance, and intricate carvings adorned the facade, hinting at the rich history contained within its walls. The mansion itself stood as a testament to the Donovan family's wealth and influence, a world unto itself.As if sensing my unease, Chad spoke up, his voice filled with reassurance. "The boss is inside," he said gently, his words aimed at calming my nerves. I mustered a grateful smile in response to his considerate gesture. "Thank you," I whispered, my voice barely audible. Chad nodded politely, acknowledging my gratitude.Swallowing my nerves, I approached the entrance, climbing the flight of stairs. A tall, masculine man dressed in all-black combat gear nodded at me and pulled the massive door open. "Thank you," I muttered and cleared my th
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Chapter Two: Adele - The Cold Stranger
"F-first aid, please!" I cried out urgently, my heart racing in my chest. Determination filled me as I pushed through the chaos, determined to help the injured maid. With steady hands, I tore off a piece of cloth from the maid's uniform, swiftly applying pressure to the wound to stem the bleeding. The gravity of the situation sank in, my mind reeling with the sudden violence and the alarming circumstances that had unfolded. 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?!' I thought, struggling to process the situation.Archer handed me a white box with red markings drawn on the lid. I quickly opened it, revealing first aid supplies. Amidst the chaos, his voice sliced through the tension like a knife. "Get the hell out of my room, now Jessica, or I swear I will make you!" His tone dripped with anger and authority, leaving no room for negotiation. Jessica scoffed and reluctantly strode out, her echoing heels reverberating on the marble flooring.Ignoring Archer's cold and leveled gaze, I foc
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Chapter Three: Adele - Playing His Nurse
Lowering my eyes to the coffee table, I couldn't help but marvel at the extravagant spread of breakfast delicacies before me. Archer's opulent lifestyle was on full display, and his staff had gone above and beyond to create this sumptuous feast.The coffee table was elegantly draped with a crisp white tablecloth, enhancing the beauty of the fine porcelain plates and delicate silverware that sparkled under the morning light, exuding an air of sophistication.The array of freshly baked pastries immediately caught my attention. Flaky croissants with golden, buttery layers called out to me, accompanied by pillowy muffins bursting with juicy berries. The inviting aroma filled the room, making my taste buds dance with anticipation.Beside the pastries lay an assortment of artisanal jams and spreads. Vibrant jars of strawberry, blueberry, and apricot preserves lined up neatly, their jewel-like hues promising delightful bursts of flavor. I couldn't resist the temptation of the creamy jar of r
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Chapter Four: Jessica -Wild Cat
At the tender age of ten, I found myself perpetually in the shadows, following my mother's every step. I was exposed to a disturbing incident where I observed my mother engage in reprehensible acts. I saw her drug, sexually assault, and steal from one of the guests staying at the hotel where she was employed. From that point on, I became acutely aware of her manipulative tactics, witnessing how she utilized flirtation, manipulation, and exploitative relationships as a means to escape the perils of hunger and homelessness. My childhood was characterized by a lack of material possessions. I grew up without any knowledge or connection to my father, and the subject of his absence was a topic we intentionally avoided. Throughout my upbringing, it was just my mother and me, navigating life's challenges together. While some people may have labeled my mother as belonging to a socioeconomically disadvantaged group otherwise known as white trash, she had managed to secure a relationship with V
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Chapter Five: Adele - Sponge Bath
As I stepped into Archer's opulent bathroom, my eyes widened at the sight he posed in his spacious, swanky shower stall. The glass walls of the shower stall reached up to the high ceiling, providing a breathtaking view of the entire bathroom. The pristine tiles lining the walls and floor shimmered under the soft glow of the recessed lighting, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.At the side wall of the shower stall, Archer sat confidently on a sleek tiled seat, wearing nothing but his boxers and a first aid box was to his left. The seat was positioned strategically, evidently to fully enjoy the cascade of water without any inconvenience. Steam filled the enclosure and enveloped him, adding a touch of sensuality to the scene.Archer's sculpted physique glistened under the droplets of sweat that danced across his skin, accentuating his well-defined muscles inked beautifully with tattoos. The steam made his tanned skin appear even more radiant, and I couldn't help but fee
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Chapter Six: Adele - Adjoining Rooms
As I waited for Archer to get fully dressed, anticipation and nerves fluttered in my stomach. The events of the past hours had been nothing short of overwhelming, and being in his presence felt both exhilarating and intimidating. My eyes lingered on the closed door leading to the walk-in closet.Finally, the door creaked open, and my breath hitched as I caught sight of him. Archer stepped out, dressed in an impeccably tailored, expensive black suit that accentuated every sculpted inch of his six-foot-four frame. His hair was still wet, giving him an air of both elegance and a hint of casualness. The dark tendrils glistened under the soft glow of the room's lighting, accentuating his chiseled features and adding an irresistible allure. There was an undeniable magnetism about him, and I couldn't help but think that he was one of the most attractive men I had ever seen.He commanded attention with his presence alone. My eyes traced the contours of his perfectly tailored suit, admiring th
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Chapter Seven: Mark & Archer - (How It Started)
MarkThe night was cold, the chill of winter biting at my skin as I stood hidden amidst the dense woods, watching my childhood home engulfed in flames. The orange glow flickered against the pitch-black sky, casting eerie shadows that danced and swayed with the crackling fire. It was a sight both mesmerizing and haunting, a symbol of everything that had gone wrong in my life.This house, once filled with laughter and warmth, now stood as a charred reminder of the shattered pieces of my past. It was here that I grew up, surrounded by the love of a father who fought for his country and a mother who used to smile. But the war had changed my father, his return marked by the loss of his legs and the loss of his will to live. When he took his own life, the flames within our lives were ignited, consuming all that was left.My mother left to grapple with the aftermath and sought solace in the bottom of a bottle. Her once radiant smile faded, replaced by the anguish etched upon her face. Desper
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Chapter Eight : Adele – 8:45 P.M.
"Hey!" I cried out, my voice echoing through the busy streets as I found myself violently shoved. I stumbled, struggling to regain my balance, and ended up falling hard on my ass on the unforgiving stone-paved sidewalk. "Watch where you're going, asshole!" I yelled, anger coursing through my veins.A cold, chilling voice growled from above me, sending a shiver down my spine. "Are you trying to steal from me, boy?" it questioned, dripping with disdain.I looked up from checking my bruised elbows, meeting the gaze of the coldest hazel eyes I had ever seen. "Steal from you?!" I replied, my voice laced with disbelief. The audacity of this jerk. "You ran into me and shoved me, you jerk!" I enunciated, emphasizing each word for the clueless imbecile."Hey, watch your mouth!" one of the men accompanying the jerk interjected, taking a menacing step toward me. He had an earpiece, the kind worn by security operatives, suggesting he was some sort of bodyguard."I am going to sue your asses!" I b
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Chapter Nine: Archer – 9:55 P.M. A Risky Getaway.
We sprinted towards the exit in a desperate frenzy, but before we could reach safety, my Bentley erupted in a massive fireball, sending debris flying in all directions. Chaos ensued as Ajax took a hit and fell to the ground. Sandra's scream pierced through the chaos, and Mark cursed in frustration.Realizing that I was the primary target, my heart raced as I scanned the area for an escape route, my mind racing to formulate a plan. And then my eyes met Mark’s, and I watched as he slowly looked at Sandra and then back at me and I knew what needed to be done."Get Sandra to safety," I commanded, my voice filled with urgency.Mark hesitated for a moment, holding my gaze before finally nodding. He reached for Sandra, who clung to me in fear and disbelief."Ken, Andrew, go with Mark. It's best if we separate," I instructed, addressing my remaining men.Ken voiced his concern, questioning my decision, while Andrew silently locked eyes with me, understanding the gravity of the situation."Hun
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Chapter Ten: Archer – 10:20 P.M. An Unlikely Help
"I dare you!" She retorted with a wide grin. I clenched my jaw. "Or maybe I should insist that you apologize and see how that feels!""You're very lucky I feel charitable and find you intriguing. Nobody, I repeat nobody, talks to me like...""I can tell you're a big baby and a bully. I'm trying to help save your life! The least you can do is be appreciative!" When I didn't reply, she said, "Stay still and try not to move, alright? This is going to hurt... and can you stop pointing the gun at me?"To provoke her further, I didn't respond for about a second. She glowered at me, and a slow smile tugged at the corners of my lips. I found I enjoyed getting under her skin. She was cute... too cute. I nodded and lowered my hand again, gritting my teeth as she leaned in and began to carefully probe the wound with her fingers. She winced at the sight of the blood that oozed out, and I watched as she forced herself to stay calm and focused."Where did you learn to do this?""I work with animals
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