The House By The River: A Paranormal Horror Novel

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The House By The River: A Paranormal Horror Novel

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Good things come to those who wait. For Matt and Emmy Millar, the adage could not have come true at a better time. They’ve waited long enough. Snagging a deal on a property, the couple set out to build the house of their dreams. Designing it from the ground up, the couple sacrificed their time, savings, and most of their income for the foreseeable future to see the plan through. When the day finally came, the Millars, together with their two daughters – Gina and Jean, eagerly moved in to their brand-new house. All’s well that ends well. For the Millars, this was not the end. It was only the beginning. After holding a housewarming party, Matt and Emmy swelled with pride, with a sense of accomplishment. The house was a testament to how good they were together. A validation of all the hard choices they had to make to provide a better life for their children. This was the first, significant step. A true beginning. It was only the beginning of something else too. Warning: The book contains foul language, graphic sexual depictions, sexual innuendos, and graphic depictions of violence. Not for the faint of heart.

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Chapter 1
Matt came to. He did not remember how exactly he got there but he was back at the porch. He also did not remember how he just so happened to be standing and leaning by a wooden post when he awoke but he was there, nevertheless.It was daytime. Although the sun shone high in the sky with barely a cloud in sight, he did not feel the heat. It wasn’t humid either. Something he was told to expect around these parts, especially that they lived by the river. On the contrary, he felt the cool breeze just moments after the trees or their branches swayed. It felt peaceful to him, his sense of accomplishment only adding, confirming, that despite all the sacrifices he did right by his family. Most of all, he kept his promise to himself.He spied a figure clad in a black shirt, black jeans, with a black trench coat approach from the opposite end. He seemed to be struggling to keep his breath as he looked around. He had a bag. It was heavy, judging from the way he carried himself. The figure took t
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Chapter 2
Finally, some quiet time.Matt whistled a low note as he got up from where he sat and walked out to the porch. It had been a busy day with people arriving way into the last minutes of noon. Friends from the city, neighbors, and people that both he and Emmy knew from work, or previous works came. The housewarming lasted until five in the afternoon, although it was way late for a housewarming. Still, Matt appreciated the quiet time that settled in after the guests had departed.In the days leading to this day, Emmy showed just how good she was at running things. It was a habit she’d learned from working at different offices before, she’d claim, whenever he complimented her about it. Mostly complimented. Matt shook his head and snorted as he sipped from the can. There were days he was close to being annoyed at the many reminders she’d throw at him, one after the other.Now that the guests had gone home and cleaning up almost done, Matt marveled at how smooth everything went. Given the ti
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Chapter 3
“That’s it, I’m done,” said Emmy cozying up to Matt who was watching the evening news on the couch, “I think, it’s time to warm up the bed,” she added with a sly smile.“A wonderful idea that is,” he answered, “if only the girls were already asleep.”“Oh, they’d be asleep soon enough. They’ve been running around the house all day,” Emmy answered back, hugging her husband’s neck.“Tell you what, why don’t you go ahead and freshen up a bit, yeah? You know, maybe put on those special… things you keep for special occasions?”“Hmmm, how you talk! Go on,” Emmy encouraged, pulling him close.“I’m just gonna finish my beer here, I’m gonna nurse it till the last drop for as long as I can. As soon as the giggles of the little rascals die down, you can bet your fabulous ass I’ll be comin’ up and we be doin’ a lil’ bed-warming to cap this housewarming.”“Oooh, I like the sound of that,” said Emmy as she got up, planting a kiss on her husband’s cheek.“You’d like that don’t you?” Matt echoed.“Mmm
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Chapter 4
She had fallen asleep. She believed she did for her hands were still lazy and her legs reluctantly responded. Emmy let out a hum as she felt his presence. By the slow but deliberate way that he conducted himself, it was unmistakable – Matt had come to collect. Remembering her insinuations earlier, Emmy did not object. Instead, she let his touch guide her into lustful wakefulness.His usual playfulness was apparent in the fact that not only did he turn the lights off, but he also snuck under the covers. He ran his warm hands all over the insides of her thighs and caressed her stomach. Then, he peppered the inside of her thighs with light kisses and pecks, his hands massaging the area just above her mound.Matt also took to pulling on the bands of her underwear and letting it go when she least expected it. He kissed her everywhere but there, where it mattered. That and the apprehension for the light snap of the garter as it her bare skin drove her to new heights. Already, she was feelin
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Chapter 5
Emmy felt like she needed to reciprocate and wanted to give him a sloppy blowjob. She knew how much he loved it. Especially when he did not have to worry about her getting her share of the sinful pie. Matt seemed to have other plans. Right after making her orgasm, he proceeded to mount her. She almost bounced from the bed when the tip of his manhood grazed her still sensitive clit. Slowly rubbing the thickness of his dick along her slit, Matt continued in a sawing motion until he gained a raging erection.With the lights off, and Matt taking command, there was nothing else to do but feel. And feel she did. Emmy brought her hands up to embrace him by the neck. She wanted to feel him close to her, hear his breath turn into grunts as he increasingly lost himself in her. She wanted to feel his heart pound madly as he tried to pound her faster and harder, all while she controlled the distance at which he could withdraw his hips. Emmy brought her legs up and locked them over the base of his
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Chapter 6
Emmy woke up earlier than usual. She had already finished taking a shower and changing the sheets when the alarm on her phone went off. She had it at five thirty on weekdays and seven on weekends. She didn’t mind. She felt fully refreshed and ready to face the day.I wonder if…She blushed then shrugged. Emmy felt giddier than a teenager about to go on her first date. The treatment she got the night before brought out many things from her. All of them lewd. She silently chided herself as she folded the soaked sheets. She chided herself for feeling lustful while, on the other hand, she lusted. She was brought up as a catholic, she knew she’d be spared from damnation. She was married, it wasn’t lust if one was married. A perfectly convenient loophole. Not that she considered herself a practicing Christian. Still, it was nice to find a loophole. It spared her from all the latent guilt tripping she sometimes still found herself in.Once she was finished at their bedroom, Emmy headed downs
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Chapter 7
More than twenty minutes had already passed since Matt left but no one has come down yet. Emmy was almost done with the dishes for breakfast. Fried eggs, toasted bread, and veggie bacon were on the menu. An assortment of spreads was already on the table. Once cooking was done, Emmy went over to the coffee maker to brew fresh coffee for her and Matt. Then, she put out juice on the table for the kids.Hearing no sounds coming from upstairs yet, Emmy sat down on a chair that faced a window. Her attention began to wander as she looked at the trees that provided a natural wall around the house, their leaves peacefully obeying the command of the light wind that blew from the river behind the house. The early sun streaked through the window opposite her, its rays falling on the table, lending a yellowish tint to the deep brown, wooden surface.She felt someone pass behind, the shadow falling on the edge of the table beside her.“Good morning honey, where are you going?”The coffee maker soun
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Chapter 8
Matt was first to go. Before a question was asked he was already on his feet. He flew from the table to the stairs and up. Emmy was close, racing behind her husband to see what their eldest daughter was screaming about. Jean was glued to her seat for a time eyes following her parents. Emmy was halfway up the stairs when she realized her error and raced back down to get Jean.Something passively caught Matt’s eyes as he whizzed by Jean’s room. Matt was already about to open Gina’s door when he paused. While he questioned what it might be, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up involuntarily. Emmy was just cresting the stairs when he reached Jean’s door frame. As soon as he stepped in, the hairs on his hands and nape stood up, stronger this time.He was immediately afraid. In the back of his mind, he asked himself why. He walked in slow, measured steps, meticulously scanning the entire room for anything that might justify his actions. Nothing. There was nothing. The windows were clo
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Chapter 9
Matt blinked several times just to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. But there it was, despite the occasional white noise and distortions, gory porn was showing on the television. It depicted a couple fucking with abandon, like crazed demons undulating while blood poured on them in abundance. Even with the curious distortions, being that the set was a forty-three inch digital TV, the details were easy to make out. It clearly featured an underaged male actor with physical defects.“Jean!” he called out as he quickly approached, “Honey, stop watching.”He looked at his daughter who turned to face him as he approached, a questioning look painted on her face.“But dad! I still want to watch!” pleaded the little girl.“Honey, it’s not appro-” Matt stopped mid-sentence.There was no porn. There were no depictions of sexual acts or blood or anything remotely inappropriate that had clearly just seen seconds before. It was the same cartoons with the boxy characters. His brows furrowed. He
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Chapter 10
Matt was hesitant at first but based on Jean’s reaction, his realized that his worries were unfounded. The little girl eagerly accepted her new task – uproot weeds and remove withered leaves and petals from the plants on the right side of the house, while he worked on the plants in the back.Jean went at it like it was her only job, a most important job. Matt heard her play-acting, continuing to pretend that she was harvesting ingredients for Princess Jessamine’s golden crown. Pretending that there was a beautiful kingdom inside the trees and that as soon as she made a beautiful crown, she would be allowed to live there for good.This amused Matt. Play-acting was, after all, a healthy trait that children could play and engage their imaginations. Even imaginary friends was okay up to a certain age and Jean was within that bracket. It was a good indication that a child can imagine fantastical places and scenarios consistent with things she’s been
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