The Special People

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The Special People

By: Feyonce CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Isaac knew he had to end the fight as soon as he saw this.He aimed his knife at his attacker with the last of his energy.A piercing ache ran through the warrior's body as the blade sunk into his body.The warrior's hand was gripping the handle that protruded between his lower ribs when he looked down at his abdomen.They both fell to the ground together.Despite his pain, Isaac, who was aware of his destiny, did not fear.He began to laugh with what little air he had left, and as his life dwindled, he said, "I will return..."

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    lovely story, please don't stop updating

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110 chapters
Chapter 1
As the five warriors pursued their target, the sun had almost reached the peak of the mountain.They knew the chase was coming to an end, despite its exhausting length.The demon king Isaac, the man they were looking for, would soon have to pay for his crimes.Isaac was aware that the warriors were near.Not only was he able to feel them, but he could also hear their labored breathing, their mumbled words of encouragement to one another, and their footfalls.Is it possible that they might catch him?How did this come to be?His army had been defeated, and his city was in ruins.He couldn't get rid of one thought:betrayal.He began to climb when he reached the cliff's base.He persevered despite the pain in his arms and legs from the bloody battle and chase that had preceded it.He would ensure that his pursuers would not have an easy fight.He turned around to see a volley of arrows headed directly for him after hearing the bowstring twang behind him.While two other warriors began to ascend th
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Chapter 2
James looked up at the sky and said, "We really should be getting back for the day before it gets too dark.""We're close.We are, I am aware.“I can feel it,” Leo declared.Nevertheless, it is unsafe.We can continue tomorrow morning, Lucas insisted."Come on, we've been looking for more than a week.We won't be hurt for one more day, Jeff said.Jeff is with me.James declared, "The day is over.""I still maintain that this cave is not real.This mountain is very familiar to me.It has already been searched many times by us.For your sake, I'm telling you that there is no cave.Lucas stated, "You are wasting your time."According to the writings, his cave is close to his temple.We have looked in every place.Leo stated, "It has to be here somewhere."Additionally, they claimed that Isaac can turn his arms into snakes.Do you also hold that belief?”James asked.Leo responded, "The stories always exaggerate, but there is also some reality to them."“So, what about the part that says this cave is
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Chapter 3
"Do you see?Leo declared, "Everything is in order."Continue moving.Steve reluctantly joined the group, keeping his eyes open for any indication of danger.As they moved through the forest, they made several stops to admire the cave's various plant life and structures.Everything was so fascinating.James's legs started to itch as they moved deeper into the cavern;At first, it was just annoying, but the itching got worse over time until he started scratching his legs constantly."What's your issue?"inquired Leo."My legs hurt.He stated, "I think I'm allergic to something in here."Oh, please stop complaining.Let's keep moving, please."Jeff replied, "Actually, I'm also having an itchy feeling."Lucas said, "So am I."I'm wondering why it's happening.It might be time to leave.What we are exposed to down here is unknown."You guys carried on then.I am not squandering this chance.Leo said, "I want to keep looking around."Jeff said, "We shouldn't separate."Since only my legs itch, there mus
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Chapter 4
Isaac started speaking more aggressively as he got impatient.James instructed Leo to take action.I'm trying to concentrate."You're not helping," Leo yelled.Isaac looked at the men and noticed how scared they looked.His curious and authoritative demeanor began to change into one of rage.Leo seemed to get it, and he got a little excited.It's okay; I believe he is expressing gratitude to us for saving him.Additionally, I believe he requested clothing.Just at that moment, Isaac grabbed Leo by the neck and spoke to him once more, this time in an accusatory tone and with bloodlust in his eyes.Leo's face became more frightened as the men realized what Isaac had just said;They would not be permitted to leave the cave alive, and he had realized that they had not come with the intention of resurrecting him.Leo tried to speak, but Isaac's grip, which was so strong, was blocking his airway.As his body screamed for oxygen, he started to panic.Again in a state of panic, Steve fled, with James
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Chapter 5
On the horizon, a pair of bright yellow lights pointed directly at him;The lights started making a very loud, straight-toned, squawking sound as they got closer.As the lights and the large object to which they were attached zoomed by on the left, continuing to blast the sound, he swerved to the right.Isaac paid attention to the moving object.It was much larger than the motorcycle, had four circular legs instead of two, and had a protective casing around the driver.Isaac had passed by while the man inside had yelled angrily at him.He was perplexed as to the man's rage and wondered if he had in any way violated the road's customs of travel.He noticed the yellow lines in the middle when he looked down.When he stopped to think about it, he realized that whatever was transporting people had stayed on one side or the other of the lines, depending on which way they were going;He understood the reasoning given how quickly things moved here.High-speed collisions were likely to be quite violen
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Chapter 6
Isaac extended his arms, and they started to get longer and become a pale green.On each arm, the fingers joined together to form what appeared to be a snake's head.The snakes' heads showed small, round eyes, and their mouths opened to show sharp fangs.The snakes continued to spread out at a rapid rate until they encircled two people's necks, twisted and squeezed, and finally bit into their victims with their fangs.The people were nearly dead as soon as Isaac let go of their grip because the venom was so potent.As every attempt to flee the scene resulted in a fatality, panic set in.Broken glasses and bottles were scattered everywhere, tables were knocked over, and bodies were thrown everywhere.With his snake arms, Isaac moved so quickly, biting and striking with perfect precision, that all movement stopped in less than a minute.Are you prepared for this?As Kristen and Mike entered a dimly lit, dark room with twenty V-shaped vests hung on the walls, Wilson taunted them.On both the fro
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Chapter 7
In the case against the Steinworth brothers, the jury reached its verdict today.Eight counts of first-degree kidnapping, torture, and murder were found against all three of them.The reporter stated, "The two oldest, Spike and Steve, were given the death penalty, and the youngest, Saxon, was given a life sentence."Three men were seen being led out of the courthouse by a team of police officers on the screen.The officers had a difficult time getting the three men into the police car because they were all so tall.Spike, the oldest, appeared to be in his mid-30s;He was a big man who looked like a professional wrestler.His eyes were evil, and it shone onto the screen.Steve was almost as tall as his older brother but looked to be in his late twenties. He was much thinner than his older brother.Saxon appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, despite being the youngest and shortest of the officers.While the reporter continued to speak, all three men were removed from the vehicle by
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Chapter 8
Isaac ’s arms retracted back to normal. He walked through the now silent room, stepping over body after body, searching for any survivors. Blue and red lights began flashing through the broken windows. Isaac turned to investigate, but on his way to the front door, he stopped to search the pockets of the man with the cobra tattoo. After he pulled out the keys to the green motorcycle, he walked out the front door, and he was met by an intensely bright white light. A strangely magnified voice spoke out sharply; the light was so bright he couldn’t see who was speaking, but he recognized one of the words they were using. It was the same word the officer had said to him earlier.“Freeze!” the voice commanded. “Lie on the ground with your hands on your head!”Isaac listened for a moment, trying to pinpoint the location of the voice. Another softer voice spoke to the first, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He could tell there were at least two people behind the light, and he
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Chapter 9
They must have been moving it from room to room, he thought.As he was walking down a particular corridor deep in the temple, he stopped halfway down and faced the wall. With his fingers, he gently felt over the stone and smiled to himself.Ah, they didn’t find this room.He ran his fingertips over the carving of a snake until he got to the eye, and with a little bit of force, he pressed the eye into the wall. The wall opened up, revealing a secret room entirely blanketed with a thick layer of dust.He walked to the right, and on a stone counter were some knives, a blow gun, and some darts, all made of obsidian. He picked up the darts and walked over to what looked like a dried-up fountain protruding from the center of the wall. He pulled down on a stone lever; a cloud of dust billowed toward him from a hole in the top of the fountain, followed by a florescent green liquid which came streaming out of it. He took the darts and held them under the stream, filling the hollow cavities.He
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Chapter 10
They were forced to slow down again as they came upon the even larger group of police and what looked like FBI surrounding an old biker bar. One of the police officers stopped Kristen’s van. She rolled down the window to talk with him.“Is everything all right, Officer?”“Where are you all heading this morning?” he asked.“I’m Professor White. I am taking my students to see the archeological dig up the road here.”“You’re a bit young to be a professor, don’t you think?” he said.“I’m really smart,” she retorted. “Is there something we can help you with?”“Have you seen anything strange or suspicious today?”“Other than an army of cops way out here? No. What happened?”“We had an incident along this road last night, and the suspect is still at large. He’s got long blond hair down to his shoulders and was last seen driving a green motorcycle and only wearing a pair of beige cargo pants,” he explained. “If you see anything, be sure to give us a call.”“Will do, Officer. Thanks for the he
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