The good hearted Assassin

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The good hearted Assassin

By: Maria G OngoingOther

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Ruth's life took a devastating turn when she was born with Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA). This rare condition meant that she couldn't feel physical pain or regulate her body temperature. However, little did she know that her journey was about to become even more treacherous. At the tender age of ten, Ruth's world was shattered when a group of ruthless thieves invaded her home. In a horrifying turn of events, she was raped, and her family was brutally murdered before her eyes. The trauma left her scarred, both physically and emotionally.

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Episode 1 The condition called CIPA
" Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis ( CIPA ) this condition is also known as hereditary it is a rare disorder of the nervous system which prevent the feeling of pain it also known as hereditary and automatic neuropathy type IV this type of disease is very rare and dangerous because someone may bleed to death because they may not know when he or she is bleeding most people with CIPA do not sweat too much water is needed to help urinate to remove toxic in the body.To keep the person with (CIPA) someone needs to be careful with the person," the doctor explained the disease they just found on a baby of mr Banda, the child was found with a rare genetic disease she could not fell pain, Mr and Mrs Banda felt bad for there daughter she was born with this rare disease her life was like a ticking bomb which can explode at anytime, when the doctor was explaining her they could not understand at first but as he was explaining feather they both realized that it was very serious, ima
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Episode 2 The two kids
Jane lost it she jumped and slapped the leader," how dare you what have we done to you to deserve this? my daughter is young she is just ten years kill us all you monster what if it was your child or sister how can you fill? do you have a heart? " then all the sudden she pull the mask off the leaders face was reviewed and everything stood still shocked. "Jordan !" mr Banda and mrs Banda where shocked how, why, when, and what where in there mind's but the person who was more shocked was Ruth , Jordan was her best and only friends brother he used to take her just like his sister.Jordan and his sister Judith where orphans they had no one else in the world except each other Jordan worked very hard for his sister when mr and mrs Banda moved next door he started working for Mr Banda like gardening sweeping and other work when mr Banda saw that Jordan was a had worker he employed him to work at his campany. Jordan had a sister name Judith she was three years old there parents died when he
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Episode 3 You are the only hope for revengele
The Lost HopeThe SearchpreciousA Sinister Revelation"Am sorry, boss, but I think the children ran away," one of Jordan's men explained, his voice trembling with fear. "They killed Sam by stabbing him, and they burnt Tom alive when they called us two hours ago, saying they had a breakdown. We were out, and the master sent us somewhere, so I just told them to wait."Jordan's heart raced, his mind struggling to comprehend the horrifying news. "But that girl knows so much, Chris, and the two of them are smart. They will report me to the police," he muttered, his voice filled with dread. He couldn't bear the thought of his sister going to prison; she needed help, as she was very sick.After searching for the whole day, Jordan and his men could not find the missing children. Exhausted, Jordan returned home, his mind filled with worry for his sister's safety. When his boss called him, fear gripped his heart, but to his relief, the boss assured him that everything was taken care of. Howeve
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Episode 4 Alex apology
"Miss you need to be careful or you can die you are aware of your condition right?" the doctor looked at her he felt pity for the young girl after he finishes dressing her wounds he went to report to Boss."I think your method is working but we need to be careful because she is too careless boss " the doctor reported the boss just smiled and went to see Ruth in her room he knocked once then got in " I believe you have thought about my offer," Ruth was just looking at him he took out his phone and call someone soon a slime man worked in " Ruth this is master Benny he was trained by a chinese k****u master he will train you to be came strong and the best ninja Benny looked at the girl then the boss " does she talk ?" he asked " no ever since she came here she doesn't talk but she can hear you she has good hearing and she can not fell pain that's the danger so you need to be careful and teach her how to be safe during the fight" boss explain everything to Benny before he come so this was
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Episode 5 The dark tunnel of death
Don't be scared Alex am going to have a special training for four years am sure even you, you will get a special training please don't be tired am with you all the way .At night she was sleeping on the floor during the day she was to train the whole day she was allowed to eat only once a day every year she was taken into a new Laval of training Ruth became stronger every day.Alex was trained to work at night and sleep during the day never to live the room even during the day he could sleep for four hours only most of the time he was at the computer he could only eat once a day at six pm drinking water was the only thing that kept the two kids are live food was not important but water and vitamin iv fluids only to eat once a day a very healthy and nutritious meal it was part of "the training.Day turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years it was soon five years Ruth was still training in the dark sleeping for a short time bing watched twenty-four seven , "D
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Episode 6 Who are you?
Alex was looking at her Ruth was happy inside but she could not show her face was still she could not smile she was just looking at him.Alex could not say anything he was amazed this girl he mate five years ago she has changed she looks stronger than ever and she was looking abit different . " Ruth I hope you are fine now you have survived it you are ok am so happy ," Alex was very happy he could not close his mouth Ruth just pet his head then they saw the door bing opened doctor Martin and doctor Susan entered the room followed by the boss " I hope you are ok Ruth ?" the boss spoke first " am happy you savieved the tunnel of death I will be sanding you to missions anytime ," he proudly announced " since you can't talk but can hear i will give you this phone when I call you just answer and listen to me then do exactly what I have told you if you have anything to say tell me " Ruth just looked at the man before her she new this man was not going to help her get the justice he pr
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Episode 7 You can spike?
The guard where sapplised to see a girl coming out of the house they didn't let anyone in Ruth new this men where like the man she killed inside so there was no way she was going to live them like that before they asked the four of them where down they had no idea what happened Ruth pushed the knife on the men's neck one after the another killing them they were five of them but no much for a fifteen years old girl, she left the house get on her motorcycle she took out her phone texting Alex then she drove away."Welcome back we now continue with the rest of the news last night mr rogers the rich business tycoon was killed by a young girl the police have found a video on how mr rogers was killed spiking to the police they also found a, video of how mr rogers killed his wife the police are still Investigating on this matter they are still looking for a young girl we will keep updating you for more information this is znbc news am Memory Mwale ."The boss was watching news and he was e
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Episode 8 Birthday gift
Ruth new Benson schedules so she followed him and packed the car on the middle of the road on purpose Benson saw the car he stepped out of the car telling his two children not to live the car he went to the other car and nocked at the car window no one answered but to his supplies he felt same one holding him from behind this person was strong he did not strangle at all he just froze.Benson was scared he felt the person who was holding him loosen the grep on him he slowly turn around it was a lady dressed in black she looked like a ninja or an assassin just like in the movies "who are you? please don't hate me my children will suffer am the only one they have,? " he badged "I was sent to kill you Benson " Ruth said " but why? who who wants me dead ?" he starmad " you refused to get another loan Benson," she said " it's him he just wants my money boss likes to boss everyone around please don't kill me I will do anything to save me and my family," Benson badged "but
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Episode 9 It was all Don's plan
After bathing Ruth left the house she got on her motorcycle she put on a black dress, she soon packed her bike at the bar and entered she was busy drinking and observing the man who was drinking on the other table after same time the man Left the bar Ruth followed him and accidentally tripled the man or was it on purpose she dropped the photos on the ground the man said sorry to the pretty lady and help her pick-up the papers on the ground it was photos but his eyes went wide after seeing the pictures.He looked at the picture then at the girl but she was not there anymore he looked for her running around but it was like she was not there in the first place he looked at the picture it was a family a mother and father on gun point with there children he still remember that day very well could it be that the girl was the one who run away that day.?In the abandoned warehouse a man was sitting in the dark he head footsteps a man walked in he gave respect to the man sitting "
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Episode 10 Going back on break
Ruth went closer and nock him down she carried him and put him at the road she cut his throat and walk away living a picture of him with number 3 written on it she got on her bike and went away she did not go home she went to the bar Alex came and pick her up Ruth had a high tolerance for alcohol no matter how she drinks she could not get drunk .Alex was quietly sitting on Ruth's bad side after sing Ruth like that he called doctor Martin to check on her " she is just fine Alex don't worry alcohol can't affect her not even poison can hate her stop worrying so much Ruth know what she is doing," the doctor explained Alex replied with I hope so.It was the next day when Alex entered, Ruth's room and she was not there he looked around checking every room he remembered she love to be on the roof he went outside and for sure she was sitting on the roof , Alex shook his head he followed her up, the house was small but beautiful with a hidden roof that's why it was comfortable to be at the
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