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The most advanced law in the world has been born! Professor Eldric must quickly bring FANTASIA to the surface. However, he is threatened with being scapegoated by a sociopath student named Merin Noella. The agreement between angels and demons in the world of technology finally happened. Merin is determined to escape Fantasia's punishment. Instead, Eldric couldn't put Merin in a normal prison after she killed someone. How can they unite while being blocked by deadly bars? Can they survive the threat that lurks in Fantasia?

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01. Little Demon
A girl crossed her legs while the red high heels she was wearing seemed to shake a little. The girl's long straight hair brushed against her thighs as she supported her chin. Her eyes were rolling, looks like she was getting tired of waiting.There was a map containing several sheets of white paper on the chair next to her. Although she was quite uncomfortable with it, humans made her more uncomfortable.She then used the light object to distance herself from other humans. But still, once again, she had to deal with an annoying world.A man with blonde hair with freckles approached her."Hello, may I sit next to you?" he asked.The girl snorted softly, then decided to look at the man with a grin."You better not sit here, this chair is cursed."The man's brow furrowed. Before the end, a female secretary appeared from behind the door."Miss Merin?" call the secretary.Without letting go of her grin, Merin inched up while grabbing her folder. She just passed the man, then entered the roo
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02. Please help!
The major of Game Development looks to fill the special hall. It’s the day for the first trial proposals game in the final year of education.A girl with a beautiful smile still gets attention. She looked simple in cardigan a pastel colored jeans. Shoulder-length brown hair with thin bangs adds a youthful and fresh. Many boys from all over the world take turns wanting to chat with her. Apart from her gentle aura, her intelligence also makes all students curious.“Isabella, your proposal will definitely not disappoint! The council won't stand your charm, hahaha." She is teased by one of the tan-skinned men who is familiarly called Jacky. Isabella just smiled faintly with red cheeks.Until the girl's attention was then distracted by the children who slowly pulled over. Paved the way and was stunned at the beauty of the girl in red shoes. While walking like a model, Merin Noella came with her flagship chain jacket. Lips as red as a pomegranate, perfecting smoky eyes.Denada Chloe, Isabel
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03. FIX
The sound of sirens echoed in the university sky. The loudest scream came from DenadaChloe. Several people held the girl's body which almost collapsed when her best friend was taken by medics with her body covered in a white cloth. The court situation became chaotic and tense. The council finally decided to postpone the first trial.“Denada Chloe?” One of the policemen called making her crying stop. She wiped her tears and tried to stand up straight.“Are you a friend of Isabella Liu?”Denada nodded quickly. "Right.""Are you willing to testify to the police?" asked the policeman to be sure.Without hesitation, Denada nodded again. However, a little suspicion rose in Denada's mindbecause she was not taken to the police station. Instead, she was led to the very end of the university."Am I not going to testify at the police station?" She asked."No. The chief of police awaits your testimony at Professor Eldric's headquarters," explained the policeman briefly just as his hands opened
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After explaining, Eldric walked over to Merin. He held out his hand with a straight face. Loey removed all of the holograms in front of him and replaced them with a chair that fell from the ceiling.Merin smiled as she took Eldric's hand. They walked over and sat in the front, just as Olivia pushed the lens tube and placed it beside her. A feeling of tension rises along with an exhalation. "Mr. Robert, according to the agreement, the court must issue an official license to Fantasia if Merin Noella succeeds in carrying out this project within 6 months."Mr. Robert cleared his throat. "Of course."Eldric turned his gaze to Mr. Bram. “Mr. Bram, you as the police have officially become witnesses to this project."Nod Mr. Bram welcomed Eldric's statement. Merin looked up just as Eldric glanced at her.“Guys, start the operation!” said Eldric.Olivia pressed the green button on the top side of the tube. Smoke rises as soon as the tube opens. Exposing smart lens is a thin iron-linked one
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05. Different World
A notification pops up from a smartphone.CONGRATULATION!YOU WIN THE FIRST MISSION.Reward: No missions for 24 hours."You stingy," Merin grumbled.“You should be grateful to be able to return to a normal life even for a day.” Merin was taken aback when Iron interrupted. He turned, looking alternately at the brothers.Merin squinted. "What was that? The trick again?”"Second level situation, your world is put to sleep," said Scarlett, "when your smart lens is activated, it will project a holographic character into your subconscious. Taking the exact situation of the real world, while 'your real world' is put to sleep."Merin's brows furrowed. “What happens when my real world is put to sleep?”"You stand still. Not moving, not even blinking—like a dead robot,” said Iron as he circled Merin with a grin. The boy tried to intimidate him."Are you guys crazy? People will think I'm dead standing!"Scarlett pointed her index finger up, right at the drone. “If that thing can give rise to us,
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Merin furrowed her brows. Her heart was beating fast as the anxiety began to well up.“Tomorrow? What if I got a mission? No, way!I can't let my trial mess up again." She muttered to himself, "I have to ask Prof. Eldric about switched days.Merin reassured herself that everything would be fine. She made sure to meet Eldric and try to negotiate. However, there was a hint of regret in her. If only she hadn't handed over the Eldric and Isabella tape, she might have had a gun. Merin repeatedly cursed herself as a fool for not manipulating the tape.Merin stepped back, she just needed to try. A drone that was originally attached to the wall immediately moved in front of him. Re-appears Iron and Scarlett. The two holographic humans blocked Merin, causing the girl to flinch.“Annoying!” She grumbled, "you think I can't get past you?""You can't," said Scarlett as sweetly as possible.Merin rolled her eyes. "Get out of the way, I don't have a mission today. You must give me freedom!” Merin co
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Iron's question made Merin squint. The more she tried to guess, the more doubt slowly ran through her mind."You mean?" The rapidly moving door leaf caught her attention. The father shouted for the bedroom door to be opened. Following the commotion that occurred outside the room. Eldric moved to block the door, telling Mr. Aziz to back off.“Sorry, your child custody status is currently in active mode. I asked you to step back."Mr. Aziz was furious. With fiery eyes, he felt like breaking the nose of the rancid boy in front of him. But remembering that Eldric was not an ordinary person, Mr. Aziz gave up his intention.Until finally, it was the big lady Rosalina who acted. “Argh! Why are you silent? Let the mother get rid of this annoying child!” She screamed, hitting Eldric with her furry sandal. Eldric did not waver, only a little shocked by Mrs. Rosa's persistence. But to be honest, the hairs made his nose itch.Eldric felt his back trembled. "Professor! Professor! Listen to me
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When the camera was turned off…"Please welcome, Merin Noella Amyra from A-Class!" The female voice inside the speaker filled the hall ceiling. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Merin is already in it. Abandoning the drone which she considers a stupid object.The calculation is right on target. If Eldric was about to launch a mission just as her name was called, she would have made her move five minutes earlier. Of course, Eldric wouldn't let Iron and Scarlett run over her half naked. Merin was sure she would turn off their holographic warden's function.The drone will stop detecting its presence when in the toilet. That's when Merin switched roles with her paid person. She will ask the person to hold on until a drone comes at her.Merin came out in denim, jeans, and hair tucked into a black hat. The girl squealed as she managed to get past the drone.She felt proud that she had taken over just because of constipation."Check inside!" Eldric ordered.The corners of Olivia's lips were pu
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"No! You can't do that, Professor!" Without losing any respect, Olivia looked quietly at Prof. Takeda. The senior lecturer put both hands on his waist, he turned his face away. Couldn't believe that his suggestion was met with resistance.Eldric's footsteps paused for a moment the tension in the base. Upon seeing Eldric's arrival, Prof. Takeda rushed over to him, then throwing one punch at his flagship junior.Olivia was startled, while Jasper and Loey swiftly restrained Prof. Takeda.The corner of Eldric's lips twitched. It hurts to beat him. Still, Eldric was trying to understand the situation. He realized he couldn't live up to his senior's expectations. But to be honest, he didn't want to build his project to anyone's expectations. It made him sick. Eldric had absolutely no regrets for his actions today.Prof. Takeda still looked smoldering. Even the petals almost form a perfect circle like his glasses."Stupid! Why did you meet her?" snapped Prof. Takeda. Eldric looked away, avoi
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