The Hero's Demonic Return

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The Hero's Demonic Return

By: Campoccino OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Dante saved the world from collapse and he is rewarded by getting killed. Within the hundred year reign of the strongest demon lord, most of humanity is wiped out. Ten valiant knights fought in the eleventh hour of humanity to vanquish the demon lord once and for all. Yet it is the eleventh knight that actually defeated the demon lord. A knight whose name is wiped from history because of the ten knights that betrayed him. Carrying curse and resentment to his grave, the hero resurrects to extract his revenge in the body of the new demon lord.

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A single warrior carrying a shield and a sword dashed forward. Meeting him head on is a goblin that leapt towards him. Looking for the gap in the warrior’s defense as the creature held its poisoned dagger on its vile right hand – a decision that proved to be erroneous as the goblin got hit by an arrow right away. Digging through its left eye as it fell to the ground.Then came the footsteps that stepped through the corpse of the fallen monster. Five more goblins rushed towards the knight who continued running towards the monsters in return. As he did, three more arrows are shot from behind him. Hitting one more goblin and leaving four to be dealt with.The fighter began murmuring something behind his shield. A short incantation that took nothing less than five seconds to finish. And as he did, a radiant golden aura filed the entirety of his body which sped up and finally closed the gap between him and the remaining goblins.Within a second, he’s already in front of them – bashing one
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The Darkness and The Cloak
Augustus continued moving down a single direction. Though there isn’t any guarantee that this would lead him outside. After all, this forest is named the [Forest of the Lost] and without any proper guide, anyone would surely experience the reason why this place has been named as such – the very fate that Augustus is now suffering because of how he left all of his allies behind.Their porter is the one who navigates for the group. With him being killed by the goblins, the only thing that Augustus can rely on is his own head. Though there isn’t much of that which can be relied on as the man simply continued blindly running without any pause or rest. That is, until he came across the eyes that gleamed in the darkness. This almost paralyzed him completely. He knows that what’s staring at him from the darkness is nothing more than a goblin but, what made this nerve wrecking is the fact that it multiplied. More pairs of eyes suddenly came out, surrounding the poor warrior on all sides. And
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The Hero
Blistering flames covered the ground where the humans stood. What was ten-thousand strong an hour ago, has now been reduced to a mere hundred. All heavily wounded. All bleeding to their imminent death. Yet, all still moving forward – marching towards their one goal.Vanquish the Demon Lord.Numerous versions of this story has been passed down for generations. But the most famous one is the birth of the ten heroes. Within the hellfire brought by the wretched demon lord where corpses of humankind have both pilled and burned to this unbearable heat, there are ten who withstood it all. As if they’ve gone through a baptism through fire.Led by the peerless knight named Arthur, the group slew one demon general after the other. Their numbers dwindled as they progressed but, the strength of the ten knights also increased all the same.The trials continued on for what seemed to be an eternity. The wails of the dying and, the regrets of the vanishing are all carried by the heroes. Reaching the
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Mordred Pendragon
The hero, Mordred Pendragon, fought the Great Demon Lord Dantes Inferno on his own. The demon lord respected the human that stood on par against him and, even more so because this is the first true challenger that he’s ever come across – only to be trifled and ridiculed by the ten fake heroes who finished the fight. Plunging both Mordred and Dantes into a blazing inferno that burned them In his dying breath, the demon lord casted one final spell. Forcing all of the magic veins in his body, he took out his own heart and imprinted it with the life force of the dying Mordred Pendragon. Merging them together and, in exchange for him never coming back again, the hero will resurrect after ten years…and Mordred will rain down terror and destruction upon the whole of the land.………Mordred walked away from all of the screaming and the dying that’s going on in the forest. This is his fifth day after waking up so there are still a lot of things that are new to him. A lot of questions trouble
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Gawain and Arthur
There are twelve kingdoms ruled over by twelve monarchs. Ten of these high-status individuals are the former allies of Mordred who fought alongside him before later betraying him. Then there are two more whom the ten monarchs chose for themselves to rule over smaller kingdoms and meager populations.As for the ones that are ruled over by they who have been dubbed as “Knight Heroes”, they have things better for them. Larger kingdom. Better populations. Safer locations. They also have people who help them take care of the kingdom. All they have to do is appear to the populace and make a couple of waves while the money of their people are siphoned by these bastards. One of these ten is the knight named Gawain. The man who stands as the vanguard of the group and stayed in the frontline during the battle against the forces of the Great Demon Lord. Now that this has passed, he is the ruler of the Felsen Kingdom. The man has aged well within the ten years that passed after the war against
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For a couple of seconds, Mordred felt as if his body is in a suspended state. He cannot move it and, during this period, he began taking in a couple of information that’s handed to him. Things that are shown through a system window which has the following text:[You have entered the pocket dimension.][You’ve entered a memory of the demon lord.][You can only use the weapon that’s given to you.][Current Level: 5][Level Requirement: 5][Level Suggestion: 10]At this point, Mordred is finally able to feel his body a lot better. He can feel his arms and feet and, can even move his fingers but nothing more than that. As for his surroundings, well, he seems to be in a place that’s being burned because of all the flames that he can see around.He can feel some of the heat but, not the full extent of it yet because he hasn’t fully integrated into the pocket dimension yet. That will change soon enough. It will only take a couple more minutes for all the danger and trial to begin.[Notice: T
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Scorching Earth
Black blood ran down and Mordred watched as this happened. The arrow struck true – hitting the back of an adult demon that blocked the path of the projectile.“My lord! Why are you still here?” The demon asked with a wide smile on his lips.Mordred doesn’t know why but, he already knows the name of this creature. The name just popped in his head as soon as the demon made an appearance. This is Nilfith, a demon that Mordred himself has never come across in his lifetime.“Die you abominations!” A soldier said, running towards the back of the adult demon with a spear.Ten other soldiers moved towards their direction. Mordred lifted his dagger to fight back but, as soon as he did, all of these soldiers got stabbed. With black spikes that rose from the ground all of a sudden. Piercing through the bodies of these men before three more spikes appeared for each soldier, stabbing them even more and ensuring that they are truly killed.“My lord, I told you to run away with the rest of the young
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The Fight
Blades clashed against one another. The sound of steel going against steel is the only thing that could be heard for a couple of seconds. The afterimage of two creature battling against one another is what Mordred’s eyes beheld. A silhouette of something as dark as night and another of a creature that seemed to represent light.Everyone else stayed in the background, not moving an inch – refusing to get in the way of the battle. Not because this is their intention but because, it is the will of their leader. That of the general who calls himself Gerald Pendragon.This whole thing happened because there is no chance of escape. The route that Mordred and Nilheim have isn’t something that exists. They will die there if they try to fight on their own terms and, that is why the older demon decided on this course of action. Accepting the duel that is offered to him by Gerald Pendragon.This is a sacred oath that’s made using a binding vow. This means that it cannot be broken, nor can it be
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Mordred isn’t a fan of stupidity. He doesn’t subscribe to the same stupid ideas as the rest. This is the mentality that he wishes to preserve within this resurrection of his. Always prioritize himself before others and be as selfish as possible. That is the only way he can stay alive – yet that same principle is broken at that moment.It’s almost as if his hand moved on its own. Not wanting to stare at the sorry state of Nilfheim any further, Mordred threw his dagger towards General Gerald. However, this isn’t something he did without any sort of plan. There is a plan and, it is currently taking place. Beginning with his action which, if he’s right, will lead to the results he need.“What are you doing insect? You dare get in the way of this glorious moment of mine?”The general said in a sharp tone. The aura around Gerald’s body is so strong at that point that it can suffocate anyone that gets near him. No. It can do more than that. This aura can burn anything that it touches. That i
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Rewards Born of Flames
Mordred returned to reality. After what just happened in the final seconds of the battle, he is pulled back to the real world. He’s sure of it because now, he’s facing the same place where he left off. The same trees surround him and, the same scent of the forest filled the air.No more screaming. No more dying. No more burning of flesh and wood. No more wails. No more battle cries. There is only peace. Fake and unwanted peace which Mordred Pendragon swears to break as soon as he gets stronger.[Congratulations!][You’ve finished the Instance Mission – Burning Escape][Your rewards are being generated…]“What the hell happened there?” Mordred thought to himself as he looked back on the events. The whole of it is confusing of course but, the most confusing one is what happened in the end. Where Nilfheim wiped out every human within the vicinity in the blink of an eye – reminding Mordred of feats that only demon generals or the great demon lord could accomplish.“He’s supposed to be dea
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