The Heirs

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The Heirs

By: Rifani Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Born with a brother from a different mother, Demian is ambitious for the throne of the Stewart family heir. His haughty, arrogant, and cold demeanor brings one big problem to his life. Dylan, who is his younger brother, changes his mind and wants to take the throne from Demian's hands. Various intrigues and disputes accompanied the flaring of the power war between them. Other people's interference, as well as the involvement of their families, are the ingredients that make their disputes even more heated. How will the war end? Who will come out as the heir?

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  • DEDI Marlen


    A thrilling story. Very interesting

    2024-03-06 17:47:58
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88 chapters
Chapter 1
"Just home?"Demian's steps stopped. However, he was reluctant to turn his head. It was too easy for Demian to guess what the owner of the voice wanted to say."Today I met with one of the shareholders." Dylan flatly stared at the back of the man who had his back to him. There was longing, but he could not express it. "He offered me a position with a rather lucrative salary.""So?"Silence. Dylan's mouth clamped shut at his brother's cold reaction after he finished his story. It was always like this. Never once did this man want to be respectful. Though Dylan really hoped that his brother would give a friendly response. Or if not pretend to think it was okay. However, the reality was far from what he expected.(What should I do to make you care about me? I'm younger brother. Why are you treating me like a stranger? We're brothers, asshole)"Go in and rest in the room. I don't have time to listen to your incoherent ramblings!" Demian said coldly. He didn't want to hear the complaints o
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Chapter 2
Knock knock knockDemian, who had just come out of the bathroom, swore harshly when someone knocked on the door. I don't know which human dared to disturb his resting time. That's really presumptuous."It's me. Please open the door."Demian's expression instantly darkened when he realized who the person behind the door was. He flinched, just staring flatly at the door that was constantly being knocked on. Annoying. What did that snot-nosed kid want? "Don't be afraid. I'm not here to force you to sign the transfer of inheritance papers. Relax," Dylan taunted when the door to his brother's room didn't open. Deliberately provoking him to get angry. "Ten minutes. Give me ten minutes to bi ...."CheckDylan's words were interrupted when the door to the room opened. In front of him was the cold look of his brother who was so damn handsome. Dylan then thought to himself."Five minutes. Then leave!" Short, cold, and firm. Demian was indifferent to Dylan's reaction as he stared at his body.
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Chapter 3
Katty couldn't stop glancing at Demian who looked so angry since arriving at the dining table. What was wrong with him? Her stepson never put on a good face, but this time was different. The tinge of anger and hatred was clearly visible on his cold, handsome features. Katty was curious.(Did Demian find out about my plan to bring Dylan into the company? Damn it! It's useless for me to bribe the shareholders to persuade Dylan to join B&F Corporation if it gets out this quickly. Arggggg!)"You're supposed to pay attention to the food on your plate when you eat, not my face!" said Demian while chewing his food. He didn't know that Katty had been watching him. "Behavior may be low, but etiquette must be maintained considering you live in the Stewart family residence.""Dem, what are you talking about? Who are you referring to as unethical?" asked Morgan, surprised to hear such a harsh sentence. He had to stop breakfast because he wanted to know why his son was talking like that.Demian di
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Chapter 4
"When can I join the company?""As soon as possible. Whether your brother will allow it or not is a matter for us.""Is my mom involved?"Silence. Two men in neat suits kept their mouths shut when Dylan asked about Mrs.Katty's involvement. As per the agreement, once the money was transferred, they had to behave as if she was not involved in any way. (Your silence is an answer that it's true that Mom was involved in my entry into B&F Corporation. But for once I agree with your plan. I can't stand to keep giving in and letting that bastard do whatever he wants. It's time to take my rights as the Stewart family heir)"I accept your offer." Dylan spoke in such a cold tone. "Make sure I can sit in a position that threatens Demian.""What does that mean?""You two are on my side, right?""That's right, Mr.Dylan. Otherwise, we wouldn't have asked you to join the company.""Well, then you should support me. I want to get a position that can make Demian feel threatened. I want that arrogant h
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Chapter 5
In front of the entrance of B&F Corporation, employees were lined up waiting for their big boss to arrive. Being the number one most influential company, everyone had to abide by the rules of the man whose orders could not be disobeyed. Especially for employees who occupy important positions in the company, they must deposit their faces every morning. Not because they are looked down upon, but for the sake of alertness. As soon as they show up, their boss will immediately ask about work. And they must be quick to answer if they still want to work at the company."Arrived, sir." Niel glanced at the back seat through the rearview mirror. "Mr.Kim is present. He doesn't seem to know that he's made a big splash in the media."Wearing a suit from a famous fashion house, paired with a brand-new Rolex watch, made Demian look very expensive. Coupled with the black glasses that are perched on a sharp nose, it is guaranteed to make the women who look at it hysterical. Too bad Demian hates creatu
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Chapter 6
"So this is what you did while I was on a business trip abroad?"Demian cast a sharp gaze at his subordinate who was standing with his head bowed. His jaw tightened. Furious. "I asked you to supervise the project beside the harbor, not to be a customer of the prostitution place there. Look at this!"One newspaper flew right into the face of Mr. Kim, the manager of B&F Corporation. Beads of sweat were clearly pouring down his body. Don't ask him how anxious he was right now. He was so anxious that he was speechless. Mr.Kim never thought that the night he had fun with a group of comfort women would be covered by the media. And because of this faux pas, he now has to face the wrath of Demian Stewart, the heir and big boss of the company where he makes his money.(How is this? Mr.Demian is so angry. It feels like it will be useless even if I say a thousand excuses to defend myself. Argghh, how could I not know that there were reporters stalking me that night? Stupid stupid stupid!)"Mute,
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Chapter 7
"Welcome, Mr.Demian."Two guards respectfully greeted a man in an expensive suit who had just gotten out of a car. It was their boss."Where is he?" Demian asked coldly."He's inside. He's been making so much noise that he's overwhelmed us.""Why don't you just give him a lethal injection? Isn't he old?"Niel listened silently. How unfortunate for the old lady who had to suffer kidnapping for refusing to be evacuated from the location where B&F Corporation wanted to carry out project construction. If she had not been stubborn, the old lady's fate would not have been as bad as it is now. That old lady just didn't know how terrible money and power are. These two things can make people lose their dignity and even their lives."Troublesome!" Demian threw away the remaining half of the cigar. He then reached out to the side, asking Niel to hand him the firearm. "I hate anything that hinders my work. Such a trivial matter still requires me to intervene. You're useless!""Mr, can't you just
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Chapter 8
Niel put his cell phone in his pants pocket after ending the call. After that, he approached his boss who had just come out of the bathroom."Mr.?"Demian didn't answer. He was focused on drying off and then putting on a shirt. Without having to ask, Demian could easily guess what Niel was going to say. If it wasn't about Dylan, it would be about someone who wanted to find trouble with him."The day after tomorrow, the shareholders want to hold a meeting. They're going to discuss Mr.Dylan joining the company." Niel cleared his throat softly. "Should it be allowed? Mr.Dylan doesn't have any experience. He'll just be a scapegoat for those greedy for money.""That's why God gave people brains. It's for thinking," Demian said casually. Casual on the outside, but he was actually angry. It looked like Dylan really had the guts to fight him. "What does that mean, Mr. I don't understand."There was a rough snort of breath after Niel spoke. Seeing that, he immediately realized he had offended
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Chapter 9
"Wow, what's going on? What boss would shoot his own assistant?"A scathing taunt escaped Dylan's mouth as soon as he walked into the meeting room. Standing there was Niel, his brother's confidant with a bandaged arm. Meanwhile, in the main seat, sat the arrogant man who would be his rival from today on. Dylan grinned. "What's going on, brother? What wrong has Niel done that you could hurt him?"Demian was indifferent. He was no longer surprised by Dylan's childish behavior."Mr. Dylan, please sit down," Niel said as he pulled out a chair. After that he stepped back, returning to stand beside his boss."Thank you, Niel. You sure are the best."Niel nodded. "Let's get straight to the point. I don't have time for all the silliness you want!" Demian said coldly, but with emphasis. Deliberately opening an opening for Dylan to join the B&F Corporation, of course he had mastered the terrain. And Demian had no intention of obstructing the wishes of the people who had teamed up with Katty, t
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Chapter 10
"Mr.Demian, there's Mr.Dylan outside. Should I let him come inside?" Niel asked his boss for his opinion. Demian didn't respond. He was focused on the laptop screen that was displaying an important video. The mega project he was working on was suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. The reason was cliché. He said Demian's professionalism needed to be questioned. "Ridiculous!" said Demian. "How long has this guy been in the business world? A Demian is not professional in his work. Is there anything funnier than this?"Niel didn't respond. What a stupid person who dared to mess with his boss. Especially now that his boss was in a bad mood since Mr.Dylan had officially joined B&F Corporation. That person could end up with something terrible. What a fool."Bring him in!" Demian ordered while closing the laptop screen. His hand moved to take a cigar from the pack. Niel responded. His secretary immediately lit a match and burned the end of his cigar. Demian's eyes closed as he smoked and
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