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The Pandora’s Box also identified as the Devil's Toy Box An urban legend commonly told to citizens from birth about Pandora’s box that has the power to grant your inner desires, your greatest wish, beauty, immortality, fame, wealth, power, name it; you just have to find the box and make your wish. So people will fight each other; fathers betray sons and daughters engage in a bloodbath against anyone, however, there are only a few who truly know that the devil's box of wishes was a key to a gateway to unlocking another dimension of monsters to human reality. The Yoon prestigious family is a billionaire family that owns it all in terms of wealth, but the seedlings struggle for succession for the vast wealth brings out the deadly evil nature of them. Sen Jin won- Alex Walker, the devil's son, witnesses his grandmother and his mother killed in front of his eyes by his uncles and aunties to obtain the wealthy throne. He was bullied and mistreated by his family. In a dungeon he unlocks Pandora's box and got a leveling-system for revenge, which becomes his help as well as his greatest doom, pulling into a battle known as the GAMES OF THE GODS , as champion host to battle six other champions like him hosted by seven class entities which are- power type class-Zeus king of Gods, lancer class- Odin alfner, Archer class-Artemis, warrior class- Athena Goddess of war, Necromancer class- Anunbis god of the dead ,Assassin class- Kratos ghost of sparta and Mage class- Ares the God of violence. The gods are known as the GODS OF THE GABS. unlocking a world of monsters merging with the human world. He must save his friends, his beloved, and the world from mistakes in his quest for vengeance.  

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"I..." a voice cried out exhaustly with a deep moan. "I... I... will kill them all. I will kill them all." Tears streamed from his eyes. " Those bastards did this to me. I am going to f*cking kill them all," the hateful angered voice of a young pale American Korean youth echos through a massive stone cave dungeon temple surrounded by blue candles caressing its light to the walls and the cave floor.His white, flowing straight hair was soiled and tainted in blood and his eyes were stained red with blood trancing the delicate part of his cheeks.Nevertheless, a glint of desperation, anger, hate, and pain flashed on his face as his anger-filled eyes remained focused on the target in front of him, a round black altar neatly caved in stone to the cave ground with ancient engraved patterns and seven dark god-like small figures caved in a pattern around its body.Seated majestically on top of the surface of this round altar was a 3d cubic black box shaped in ancient patterns with an engraved
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The celestial amber pillar of lights in the middle of a city shot up into a gloomy cloud, and it outstretched in the form of a barrier from New York City into American cities, towns, and streets. The streets were overshadowed in darkness, and the only source of energy that gave light across the deserted New York City was that light. American citizens ran from street to street in darkness, and some hoodlums used the opportunity to raid mail and cause chaos without knowledge of the terror about to happen.The portals crack like a mirror cracking in shards, and suddenly a portal opens. "OOh my God, what the hell is that?" The brown eyes of an American military commander watched from the monitor screen all that was happening. Military personnel swiftly mounted the keyboards and military drones were deployed into the air scattered across regions. The military drone watches from the screen as flying dragon-like monsters attracted by the pillar of light fly through the barriers into the vas
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3.The knighted neon luminaries
Eji stood at a temple top, looking down a sloppy mountain at an army of modern neon tech ninjas and samurai holding various ninja weapons and katana swords, bowheads before his majestical presence. He slams his golden spear on the mountain with power, and a massive shockwave spreads rapidly along with menacing winds through the mountainous terrain. The trees gave in to the waves of agony, and he spoke aloud to the army." The Pandora’s Puzzle Box is also identified as the Devil's Toy Box." He points to the golden light energy constantly shooting up to the cloud from the temple behind him."A generic puzzle cube, commonly known as a Rubik's Cube, is a 3D combination puzzle with six faces, each consisting of nine smaller squares of a single colour. It all began with a famous urban legend about Pandora’s puzzle cube box, which has the power to grant you your inner desires, your greatest wish, beauty, immortality, fame, wealth, power—name it. You just have to find the box, follow its rul
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The army of monsters marched toward the pillar of light, destroying anything in its way. Cars sent flying into the air and towering buildings toppled and crashed to the ground in snowfall, an army of descending luminary neon knights was visible mid-air as they descended slowly and silently above the monstrous army, Their knight's boots released bluish-yellow flames like shooting rockets to stabilize their descent and at the same time, a small compartment in their armor on their backs unleashed parachutes into the air. They descended sneakily, aiming for their bodies to free-fall on top of giant heads. The knights unsheathe their saber volcanic swords from their metal sheaths. Mrs Marvel watched from the screen monitors and gave commands to the luminary knight as they descended " if Abraham's pike illustration was accurate, he mentioned that this monster would die from a saber sword made from uranium elements. Hot volcanic alloys and volcanic flames are made from magical
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He fired another stream of flames from his eyes again at Sophia however, her shield of Olympus absorbed the attack. Goddess Athena folding her arms, proudly floated behind Sophia and said,.[This will only waste our time.]. [We must use the ultra-dimension.] Sophia looked at her and nodded in agreement. She swipes her finger and her system pops.[INVENTORY-DIMENSIONAL DOOR KEY]An ancient amber-colored key appeared floating in the air before her, she grabbed the key. [ULTRA DIMENSION-ACTIVATED]Instantly, lightning crackled up in the air in front of her. The lightning swirls gather into a lightning space, forming the shape of a door keyhole made of lightning floating in mid-air. She thrust the key into the lightning keyhole and turned the lock open. The loud sound of a key turning while opening a door. Suddenly, the lightning from the key expanded rapidly into the air.The sky and clouds shifted their reality as lightning cracks spread through space like shard mirrors, transporting t
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6. finishing touch
The city of tokyo, Japan blaze in a sea of flames with few minor casualties. Luckily, due to numerous earthquakes occurrences, the japanese prime minister had created numerous amount of bunkers across japan and the citizens fled into this bunkers however not many where lucky as massive black flying dragon like bird creatures flew into the cities with flaming humaniod giants on top attached into the creatures bodies making them half man and half beast hovering through city.From this creature's mouths were volcanic streams of fire which burned towering buildings and residences to ground. Citizens of Japan were burnt to ash. The array of arieal monsters flew through japan to mountainous region drew by the pillar of light from the toyko temple. As they flew closer, the Japanese defense force pilots in their jet flew in the air and fired an alvanche of missiles at this creatures.Suprisely the flying creatures find themselves bombardes and gun down by bullets created with alchemy and ma
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In Japan, Tokyo set ablaze in a sea of flames with few minor casualties. Luckily, prior to the numerous earthquake occurrences, the Japanese prime minister created tons of bunkers across Japan, and the citizens fled into these bunkers. However, not many were lucky as massive black-flying dragon-like bird creatures flew into the cities with flaming humanoid giants attached to the creature's bodies, making them half man and half beast hovering through Tokyo.From this creature's mouth were volcanic streams of fire that burned towering buildings and residences to the ground. The citizens of Japan were burned to ash. An array of aerial monsters flew through Japan to a mountainous region drawn by the pillar of light from the Toyko temple. The Japanese defense force air jets flew in the air and fired an avalanche of missiles at these creatures.Surprisingly, the flying creatures find themselves bombarded and gunned down by bullets created with alchemy and magic. An aerial battle ensued as
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8. eight Alex Walker
The beeping sounds of the accept button in the red system tab sounded into Alex's ears. He lifts his eyes to look at the blurry red tab flashing before his eyes. " I will kill them all." Alex kept mentioning the words. His life flashed before his eyes and memories flowed into his mind as he began to recall how he got here under the magical influence of his grandmother, memories at a funeral ground at age ten with Alex standing in front of a casket buried in the ground.…..I found myself engulfed by a sea of mournful faces, each bearing an expression etched with anguish, torment, and an overwhelming sense of despair amid a somber congregation. The black shroud covering the cemetery served as an appropriate background for the deep sorrow that engulfed my emotions. The environment appeared dark and pallid, as if the heavy clouds overhead were the weight of an approaching storm, casting a gloomy pallor upon the scene. My countenance reflected the depths of my grief, a hollow emptiness ea
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The door opens, unveiling a similar room in brown with a sofa close to the walls. In the middle of the room was a beautiful bicycle and toy train that moved from one direction to another on a train track. Its track is connected to the different simulations of the American train system in Harry Potter movie adaptations. "Wow! A bicycle!" Alex joyfully jumps on his feet, feeling overly excited. He picks different colours for all art supplies.He ran to test the bicycle, but it was a bit bigger."I hope you like your gift," Magdalene said while watching Alex play. She stroked the rebellious strain of hair off his head to the side while she watched him play with the train. Suddenly, a knock on the front door leads to the office room."Alex stays here and plays while Grandma attends to certain matters. I don't want you playing hide and seek, so stay here and don't come out. Do you understand, OK?" Alex looks at his grandma, smiling, and nods his head."Promise you won't come out unless I t
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Alex hid in a small compartment as he heard the footsteps of his uncle. He was terrified, and he knew that his uncles were going to kill his grandma. There was no other way than to tell his mother. Paul stares his eyes into the toy room, darting his eyes to and fro along with his gun to check if anyone is there. He screw a silencer into his gun and aimed his gun at the compartment, pulling the muzzle while righting his finger on the trigger."Paul hurry," he hears Ha yeon calledIt was quiet, so he rushed out towards the office door leading to the hallway. Alex opened the door slightly and could hear his uncle's voice in the hallway."Magdalene has fallen down the stairs. I told you she was paralyzed and wouldn't be able to do anything," Simeon exclaimed"Good! Good! That bitch witch has gotten her punishment. If only she would just make our plan easy and die." Ha, Yeon turned her eyes."What do we do now, Kingston? since we have started the plan? There is no turning back now. What i
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